Advanced Motorcycle Training

" I had the most amazing day. A real eye opener and can't recommend it highly enough. No matter what level you are at, you're guaranteed to improve your riding. Massive thumbs up! "   Fiona

" Roddy, what a great 2 days I had with you. I have many years of motorbikes behind me but Roddy was able to build on what I had and develop my skills to a new whole new level. I clearly feel that the training I got was great value for money. 
Thank you. "

" Fantastic instructor, highly knowledgeable, great teaching methods. Increased my skills and confidence more than I thought possible. Already looking to book again as are friends of mine. Highly recommend to anyone and any ability."  

" Brilliant instructor. Felt like i am starting to actually learn to ride properly! My forward planning and general observation has improved. When caught in the wet on monday whilst out i felt much more at ease due to me being smoother and anticipating more. I would recommend anyone who has a bike to get out. No matter what level you are at then you'll benefit from being out with Roddy. I'll definitely be doing more days training. "

" If you want some training, this is the guy you should contact, he was  marvellous in every way with his calm approach and easy to understand explanations of where he wanted me to improve. I hope I did, and ive gained in huge measure from his knowledge and experience, thank you Roddy its much appreciated. I have no hesitation in recommending Get2Grips for your future training needs. I will be doing another day with him in the future, this time concentrating on slow mo. " 

" I learned more today than I have learned in all the years I have been riding. Roddy has a fantastic coaching style and tailored the day to my needs. I can't recommend it enough. I have done my advanced riding before however today proved, you never stop learning. Am now saving up for my next session. " 

​" All your tips, still fresh in my mind, really came together last night, the corners so, much more smoother and SAFER, keeping the ‘safe distance and a distance that you can stop in’ top most in my mind. Slow in and faster out, makes the ride so much smoother, more progressive, easing the accelerator in each direction reading the next hazard and preparing correctly…….whilst I accept that my ride was in no way perfect, it felt so much better, smoother and safer, now that I know there is a safer way to do it. I even tried ' stopping in the distance I can see' to prove that theory and reflected that perhaps up until our ride I have been kidding myself on some of the corners. The trick is to not get sucked into the corners you know and I became conscious that I was actually coming out of them faster and already reading the next hazard. Equally important is it placed a large stupid grin on my face, tucked in 110 miles (full tankful in the Hyper!), perhaps the most memorable ride ever so far and all for the correct reasons. Thanks so much for your time and patience and allowed me to get the penny dropping. I have now managed to spread the mileage to almost all of the tread on my rear tyre, less approximately 5 to 7mm on each side (not just one side!)."  Martin

" Had an excellent day with Get2Grips today. Had done a bit of advanced car training but what Roddy taught me today on the bike was at another level. An absolutely brilliant instructor, immediately put me at ease, and very calm all the way through. Felt my riding improving as the day went on, as Roddy imparted his years of experience over the radio in a relaxed and friendly manner. Beautiful route choice aswell. Not a moment wasted. Positioning, cornering, overtakes, and so many useful tips. Cannot rate this training highly enough. I will definitely be back. Such great value for money. Less than a fancy pair of motorcycle gloves, and infinitely more useful. Thank you so much Get2Grips, certainly will be returning. Should make it an annual refresher even. "  Tom

" Had a great day out with Roddy today. Keeping me right all day I felt more confident and a safer rider as the day progressed. Fast paced positioning, cornering, planning, overtaking etc but all done safely with Roddy's calm and easy to understand instructions. Not only I improved my riding skills but I also enjoyed the experience. I'm very happy with the results. Thanks a lot!"  Roman