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This certificate entitles you
to a  ___   day training course with Get2Grips Advanced Motorcycle Training

The following shows the price per course, irrespective of the specific training you require. These are the full prices with no hidden costs. Those shown in brackets are for two people training together, so why not bring a friend and save money?

Winter Rates (November to March inclusive)

                                                            Single          Pair

1 Day Course            £130            (£ 85 each)
2 Day Course            £245           (£155 each)
3 Day Course            £350           (£220 each)
4 Day Course            £455           (£280 each)
5 Day Course            £560           (£345 each)

Summer Rates (April to October inclusive)

                      Single          Pair
1 Day Course            £190           (£120 each)
2 Day Course            £350           (£220 each)
3 Day Course            £500           (£310 each)
4 Day Course            £650           (£400 each)
5 Day Course            £800           (£490 each)

If you only wish training for a particular aspect of motorcycling and would not require a full day, I can also provide an hourly rate of £30.

All training is recorded on video with full commentary and I am offering an edited version of the training day for just £20, so you can watch your training experience real-time and continue to learn from the comfort of your own home.

Get2Grips Gift Certificates 

How about a Birthday or Christmas present?

Do you have a loved one who could benefit from advanced motorcycle training?

Why not buy one of our professionally printed gift certificates so you can give your husband, wife, partner, son, daughter or anyone the gift of a great training session with one of the most experienced motorcycling instructors in Scotland. The prices are the same as if booking any training above. Just get in touch through the 'Contact us' page for more details.

Advanced Motorcycle Training