Advanced Motorcycle Training


All the training is based on the 'System' of motorcycle control which is a way of approaching and negotiating hazards that is methodical, safe and leaves nothing to chance. This requires concentration and alertness in order to ride your motorcycle safely, smoothly, progressively ( if that is your style of riding ) and well. You will base your riding plan on what you can see, what you cannot see and the circumstances that you might reasonably expect to develop. By riding to 'The System' of motorcycle control you will, at all times, observe, plan and anticipate to ensure maximum machine stability in response to all road and traffic conditions.

Everyone is an individual and so there is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to Advanced Motorcycle Training. Courses are therefore flexible and designed to give you the most suitable instruction for your own training requirements. Your level of experience and ability will determine the amount of training best suited to your needs. There is no quick fix when it comes to advanced motorcycling and everyone learns at a different rate so I will not recommend a specific time frame at this stage.  Obviously if you decide on more than one day's training, it would be advantageous to attend consecutive days. I am aware of time pressures of the modern world and so I am more than happy to arrange dates to suit your available time. It may be that you decide to book an initial day's training and thereafter decide to attend a further course in the future. I will try to accommodate any requests.

All courses will start with introductions during which I will establish your motorcycling experience to date, any training you have had and what level you would like to achieve. Thereafter, I will assess your riding ability on a route with different road and traffic conditions before I demonstrate, with full commentary, the advanced motorcycling techniques used by Police motorcyclists. After a short debrief and feedback on your riding, I will set out objectives for the rest of the course in order that we can set out learning outcomes. Your training will be designed to meet those learning outcomes.

No matter what level you are at, I am confident that, after any of my training courses, you will be a much more confident, smooth and safe motorcyclist and you will enjoy time on your bike even more.

Novice - If you have recently passed your test and have little or

no experience I will introduce you to 'positioning' for best views,

observation, scanning and anticipation, machine control (braking,

accelerating, gear changing and cornering). You will then be shown

how to use the 'System' of motorcycle control to approach and

negotiate hazards. Throughout your course I will provide a full

commentary in order to identify the best position for your

circumstances, how to control your motorcycle smoothly and how

to use a systematic approach to all hazards. You will learn how to

look well ahead and form observation links using your views to help

you to anticipate the likely behaviour of other road users and the road and traffic conditions ahead. You will be given opportunities to practice these principles in order to give you a sound base on which to build. 

IntermediateFor those of you with more experience or some level of Advanced Training, you will be introduced to cornering and overtaking. I will show you how to use landscape features to help establish the severity of bends and to show you where the road ahead is going. You will be shown how to position on the approach, through the bends and how to link bends together. I will demonstrate how to use the limit point in order to adjust your speed before a corner so that you can always safely negotiate bends and maintain the ability to stop, on your own side of the road, in the distance you can see to be clear on dry or wet roads. 

You will be introduced to overtaking where I will demonstrate how to plan and safely execute overtakes. I will show how to use the different road signs and markings to help you plan your overtaking so that you are always in the correct position, travelling at the right speed and in the correct gear in order to carry out safe overtakes leaving nothing to chance. You will again be given opportunities to practice these skills.

Advanced - This level of training is a continuation from the

Intermediate and you will be shown all the advanced techniques used

by Police motorcyclists to make safe progress (within speed limits).

Again, the training will be a mix of demonstration and instruction

with longer runs giving you more opportunity to practice your new skills. 

RefresherYou may have had training in the past and have been

away from motorcycling for some time. This course will be designed

around your specific needs. After an assessed ride, I will formulate a

plan and identify learning outcomes in order to improve your

motorcycling to the level at which you left it. You can then decide if you

would like further training to a higher level.

Post Accident Confidence Training - As a trained and experienced collision investigator I have dealt with numerous serious injury accidents involving motorcyclists and I am fully aware of the impact such incidents can have on a rider's confidence. I am also trained to use a diverse number of training styles in order that anyone who has suffered a lack of confidence since an accident has the best chance of regaining that confidence and getting their riding skills back to where they were before, or even better. I will meet with you either personally or by telephone and discuss your individual inhibitions before building a course suited to your specific needs. 

D.V.S.A. Enhanced Rider SchemeAs a registered 'Enhanced Rider Scheme' trainer, I am authorised by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency to give you an assessed ride during which I will examine your motorcycling technique and mark you using the criteria set out by D.V.S.A.. This assessment can be arranged on its own, or at the end of a training course. If you achieve the required standard of riding, I will issue you with a certificate of competence which is recognised by many insurance companies who may give discounts.

Miscellaneous If you are looking for training on any particular aspect of motorcycling in isolation such as slow speed manoeuvrability and machine handling, cornering, wet weather riding or anything else, please get in touch and I will happily discuss your needs.