Advanced Motorcycle Training

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Advanced Motorcycle Training.

​Roddy Benzies, an experienced ex-Police advanced motorcycling instructor, has set up this training school to offer anyone who has passed their motorcycle test the opportunity to learn Police advanced motorcycling techniques. 

"I am one of only a very few Advanced Motorcycle Trainers in the U.K. qualified to teach the Police Advanced Motorcycling Techniques to all motorcyclists. 

Using the Police System I will ensure that you are always in the correct position, travelling at the correct speed and in the correct gear for any situation that presents itself on the road.

​As a highly experienced Police Advanced Instructor, I will assess your riding ability on a variety of roads and give advice and riding tips as necessary. I will demonstrate the Police System of motorcycling with full commentary using high quality communications. I will show you what I am looking at, how far ahead I see it, what my plan is in relation to my views and the benefits gained by the actions I take. I will also video your rides so that you can see yourself improving as the course progresses.

​I will NOT be criticising or pulling apart your ride. My training is all carried out in a positive, relaxed and friendly manner.

All my training is tailored to the needs of the individual and I can provide quality training for anyone from novice to the experienced. All you require is a full motorcycle licence, insurance to cover your use of your bike and a road legal motorcycle capable of reaching the maximum speed limits for all our roads. 

Based in Perthshire, we are within easy access of some of Britain's most beautiful scenery and great biking roads, all of which will be even more enhanced as your own riding techniques develop and give you confidence in cornering, overtaking and making safe progress."